Rewards FAQs

Why do I not have access to the Good Earth Rewards app? I was expecting to get my reward, but it seems that I’m not able to open it.

We have updated our Good Earth Rewards program and have created a new app. Your existing rewards have been transferred to our new app. To access them, you will need to sign up for your new Good Earth Rewards account using the same email as your previous rewards account.

Why did you change the program?

We are changing our current rewards program to allow our members to collect points on every purchase and redeem for items they love.

How easy is it to register and gain my rewards back?

Very easy! Simply sign up for your new Good Earth Rewards account using the same email as your previous rewards account and your existing rewards will show up within 24 hours.

I can not access the email address I used to signup with the previous app, will I still get my rewards?

Yes please send an to email with your name, previous account email or card number along with the email associated with your new rewards account. Within 2 weeks any existing rewards or funds will be transferred to your new account.

I signed up using the same email address, but my rewards aren’t there. What do I do?

We are sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us at and we will help resolve this issue.

I have an old gift card, but it was never linked to a rewards account. Can I still use it?

To use an old gift card, you will need to contact us at Please provide the gift card serial number on the back of the card when you contact us.


How do I sign up for Good Earth Rewards?

Follow these two easy steps:
1. Sign up online at or download our mobile in your favourite app store by searching for Good Earth Coffeehouse Rewards.
2. Earn and enjoy!

Can I use my old rewards card to collect points?

Unfortunately, you are unable to use old rewards card/app to collect points after September 26th, 2023. To continue collecting points you will need to download our new Rewards app.


How do I collect points?

Points are collected on every item purchased at Good Earth Coffeehouse. For each dollar spent you will receive 10 points.

How can I track my point balance?

You can view your point balance on the home page of the Good Earth Coffeehouse Rewards app.

Do points expire?

Your points will only expire after one year of inactivity on your rewards account.

How do I find out how many points are expiring?

You will receive an email regarding expiry of your points when your rewards account nears a year of inactivity.

Is there a maximum number of points I can have at one time?

There is not a maximum number of points that you can have.

Do I still earn points if I am using points for a reward?

You will earn points on any items that are being purchased during the transaction. Items that are being redeem through a reward will not earn points.

Can I redeem points towards more than one reward at once?

Points can only be redeemed for one reward at a time.

What items aren’t eligible to earn points on?

Gift cards, sales tax and liquor purchases are not eligible to earn points.

Program Rewards

What is a reward?

Rewards are the free products that can be redeemed by using your accumulated points.

How many rewards are there?

There are 5 different rewards tiers based on point values.

How many points are required to get a reward?

150 points – Free drink customization (an extra espresso shot, dairy substitute or dash of syrup.)
500 points- Free brewed beverage or bakery item
1,000 points – Free Speciality Drink
1,500 points – Blended drink, dessert, or lunch item
2,000 points – Take home coffee beans

Can I redeem more than one reward in an order?

Only one reward may be redeemed during a purchase.

How do I redeem a reward in the Good Earth app?

Rewards can be manually redeemed using the Good Earth app at the time of purchase. Eligible rewards will be displayed in your cart at check out.

Can I use the same reward more than once?

You can use the same reward again if enough points have been collected to unlock the reward however only one reward may be redeemed during a purchase.

What happens if the item eligible for a redemption was purchased in a combo?

Combo items are not eligible for reward or offer redemptions.

Program Offers

What is the difference between a reward and offer?

Rewards are part of our program and can be redeemed once the point threshold has been achieved. Offers are special discounts or free items that we add to your rewards account from time to time.

What is a Birthday Offer?

Any medium specialty drink or bakery item on us to celebrate your birthday. Offer is valid 30 days.

What is a Sign-up Offer?

A sign-up offer is a free medium specialty drink that is valid for 30 days. This one-time offer is added to your rewards account when you first sign up for the program.

Do offers expire?

Offers will expire within 30 days of being issued unless otherwise stated.

I referred a friend but never received my 50 points?

We are sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us at and we will help resolve this issue.

Why did my offer automatically apply to my order?

Offers are automatically redeemed once an eligible item has been added to cart.

How do I redeem an offer in the Good Earth app?

Offers will be automatically redeemed within the Good Earth app once an eligible item has been added to cart.

Can I redeem an offer and a reward item using my loyalty points in one transaction?

Only one offer or reward may be redeemed during purchase.

Can I use multiple offers at once?

Only one offer may be redeemed during purchase.

More FAQs

Is there a fee for joining Good Earth Rewards?

There is no fee for joining Good Earth Rewards, simply download our free app and begin collecting points.

Do I earn points on gift card or alcohol purchases?

You are unable to collect points when making gift card or alcohol purchases.

I have a specific question regarding the App that was not covered in the above responses. Who can I contact to resolve this?

We are sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us at and we will help resolve this issue.