The coffee we serve is selected for both exceptional taste and for the positive impact our purchases can create. With our roaster, we search for coffee farms where sustainability and social responsibility are practiced. We also look for Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and Organic certifications.

Follow the Frog

The Rainforest Alliance works to combine productive agriculture, biodiversity conservation and human development. Rainforest Alliance Certified farms are required to meet comprehensive social and environmental standards, including ecosystem conservation, wildlife conservation, fair treatment and good conditions for workers, soil and water conservation, and integrated waste management. When you see the “little green frog” on our coffee bags, you know you’re making a difference.

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Buy coffee and plant trees

One of the most effective ways to combat climate change is also one of the simplest. Plant more trees. That’s why we’ve partnered with TreeEra to plant trees in Canada. Every time you purchase a bag of our coffee, we contribute to TreeEra. And as a bonus, our roaster is working to plant trees around the world. It makes our good coffee even better, right?!

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Organic & Shade Grown Beans

All our coffee is shade grown under a diverse forest canopy to not clear-cut and expedite coffee growing creating a healthier and biodiverse environment. In addition, our coffee is organically grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals, keeping the toxins out of the wash water or water table and reducing exposure to the workers who are picking the coffee beans by hand.

Coffee Origins and Roasts