Our story began in 1991.

The first Good Earth Coffeehouse opened on a hot summer day in 1991. Our Founders began with a desire to serve exceptional coffee and wholesome food, in an authentic coffeehouse environment. Now there are over fifty coffeehouses in Canada. They are warm and inviting places where people like to gather.

Our vision and mission

While our company has grown, we have stayed true to our original vision – to be a coffeehouse with good food. We’re on a mission to make people feel good.

What we believe

We believe in bringing people together, making ethical choices, bringing our best – coffee, food, and attitude – every day, and fostering the greater good.

Ethically sourced coffee

The coffee we serve is selected for both exceptional taste and for the positive impact our purchases can create. With our roaster, we search for coffee farms where sustainability and social responsibility are practiced. We also look for Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and Organic certifications.

Our Coffee

Fresh, wholesome food

Our good food is made fresh every day in Good Earth kitchens. We use lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, real eggs and fresh dairy – all of the good stuff! We promise we can tell you everything that goes into our good food. So you know what goes into you.

Our Menu

Environmental roots

ur founding values included environmental responsibility. What that means has changed since 1991. As the world evolves, we aspire to even higher goals. We know the climate is changing. So can we.

Our commitment to the environment

Coffeehouse and community

The Turkish called them schools of the wise, and in 17th century England, they were penny universities. The local coffeehouse is where artists, scientists, philosophers, citizens, visionaries, and revolutionaries have always gathered to create community. Come in to converse, study, compose, enjoy, and observe. Enroll in your own penny university and engage with your community. Enter the stream of life in Good Earth Coffeehouse.